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Transportation Application

Welcome Back, Bus Families! If you’re ready for the school year, ALL ABOARD!

We are excited to begin another blessed school year and praise God for being able to offer FREE transportation to our families who reside within the Gary school community.

ACA School Bus Transportation is an extension of our school that we offer as a service and a courtesy to our ACA families. All that is required of you is your partnership and commitment to all bus policies and procedures. We make it our #1 priority to ensure the safety and well-being of each of our bus riders.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide door-to-door service at this time. Bus stops are created once all interested families submit their address information. The goal is to provide stops that are safe and within walking distance to the residences of bus riders in that designated area.

Signing up is easy! Please fill out the section below. Once this information is received and the pick-up/drop-off schedule has been finalized, each family will receive a copy of the finalized bus schedule. At that time and as a consideration to all bus families, no other adjustments will be allowed that may alter the times posted on the schedule. You may have the option to choose the stop that is most convenient for your family at any time throughout the school year, however, consistency is preferred and ideal. Always be sure to alert the bus driver AND school personnel at least one week ahead of time if/when ANY changes need to be made.

At this time we are able to comfortably accommodate 65 students, thus the first 65 students who sign up
will receive transportation. Everyone else will be placed on a waiting list.

Feel free to call the office at 219.887.4473 if you ever have any questions regarding bus service.