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Early Childhood Department

Ambassador Christian Academy’s Early Childhood Department services students ages 1-4 yrs. of age. Our program is open to the public and welcomes students of all backgrounds. We work with students based on their individual needs and development. We use the Abeka curriculum throughout the program and incorporate a hands-on creative curriculum in our learning centers. Every classroom participates in daily prayer, praise and worship, and Bible lessons.
Ambassador Academy Teaching 1 and 2 Years Old

1 & 2 Years Old

The Ambassador Christian Academy program for 1-2 year-olds prides itself on striving to provide an adventurous, yet engaging learning environment that nurtures discovery, curiosity, and exploration. Our program focuses on the whole child by developing basic skills in areas such as: language, mathematics, sensory, and socio-emotional development. Upon culmination of the program, it is the expectation that all students be ready to begin potty training.

Ambassador Academy Ojo Teaching 3 Years Old

3 Years Old

Our 3yr old preschoolers are learning language development, character development, and social- emotional awareness along with learning their alphabet by sight and sound, numbers to 20 and counting to 50, colors and shapes. Biblical principles are integrated into every aspect of their day, teaching students how to treat one another, walk in obedience and understanding. 3yr Olds are strongly encouraged to write, cut, and draw.

Ambassador Academy Pre-K Computers

Pre-K 4

Our PreK4 program is a more structured environment that incorporates early literacy skills using vowels, blends, and adding ending sounds forming long and short vowel words. Our students learn math skill that includes counting to 100, recognition to 20, matching based on size, shapes, how many and addition. Students do still have hands on creative time scheduled into their day and participate in learning centers.

The Early Childhood department is an environment where children are independent, they are well loved, accepted and respected. Our Christian environment is flourishing with teachers and staff committed to seeing each child succeed.


Mrs. Chatman
Director of Early Childhood Department
Ms. A. Chatman
Early Childhood Teacher
Ms. Bean
Early Childhood Teacher
Ms. C. Chatman
Early Childhood Teacher
Ms. Shelley
Early Childhood Teacher
Mrs Terrell
Early Childhood Teacher
Ms. McCreary
Aftercare Assistance
Ms. Miller
Early Childhood Teacher's Assistant